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To rehabilitate and release native wildlife, promoting conservation and coexistence through compassionate care, education, and community engagement.


At HHWR, we envision a world where wildlife thrives, ensuring biodiversity and ecological balance for a sustainable future.

Director of Operations

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Lynne Rowe

Lynne is a science nerd who grew as a person when they bought a small farm and learned the joy of caring for animals. As the neurodivergent person they are, they became focussed on this new passion and somehow found people to believe in their vision. 

Lynne is the Wildlife Custodian for HHWR, licensed under the Ministry of Natural Resources. They do their best to encourage a team approach to running HHWR and are extremely grateful to the volunteers who make it all work.


Board of Directors

Darlene Levecque - Fundraising and Donor Relations Manager


Darlene Levecque is a board member with Holly’s Haven Wildlife Rescue, since March 2023, and recently assumed the role of Fundraising and Donor Relations Manager.


Darlene holds a Honours Bachelor of Science in Languages from Laurentian University as well as a Human Resources certificate from the Rotmans School of Business.  She has deep expertise in Human Resources and Project Management acquired during her tenure of over 30 years in senior management positions at a prominent Canadian telecommunications company.  Darlene’s passion for all animals has translated into volunteering her time for over 15 years with a number of Canadian dog rescue organizations, devoting her time to fundraising and fostering special needs dogs.



Phone: 613-294-2051 / 613-273-7378


Holly Myers - Board Member

Holly is a dedicated animal lover with a lifelong commitment to wildlife and habitat conservation. She first joined Holly's Haven Wildlife Rescue in 2019 as a foster care provider, quickly demonstrating her passion and experience in animal care. In 2023, Holly transitioned to the role of Board Member, bringing with her nearly 25 years of experience in wildlife and habitat work, both professionally and as a volunteer.


Throughout this time, Holly has worked with conservation and veterinary teams worldwide, providing essential care and rehabilitation for wildlife, small animals, and exotic species.  Professionally, Holly is a key figure for an international non-profit that operates wildlife preserves, mustang sanctuaries, and a remote veterinary clinic that provides low-cost and by donation care for underserved communities. 


In addition to her hands-on work, Holly is actively engaged in advocacy efforts and community-based initiatives, furthering the mission of Holly's Haven Wildlife Rescue. Her wide-ranging experience, dedication, and compassionate approach make her a valuable asset to the organization's Board of Directors.


Krista-Lee Thompson - Board Member


Krista-Lee is a Paramedic and enjoys active involvement in the welfare of the West-Carleton community. (More to come)


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